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Children about their favorite places in Moscow

More than one and a half million children live in Moscow, but their presence in the city is almost imperceptible: they do not go on weekdays by public transport, get to the center on a rare weekend, they are not allowed to walk alone for a long time even in their own yard, not to mention independent walks around district in the courtyard company. In addition, they almost strive to leave the city to some grandmother.

Life around decided to find out from friends of Moscow children in which parks, museums, and cafes they are. Where in the city, in their opinion, you can try the most delicious pizza and khachapuri, what kind of movie is worth watching, and where they would advise a friend who first came to Moscow from another city to go.


5 years

My favorite place in the city is a toy store in Kievsky. There we once bought a man with a dog’s head. I also love Gorky Park. If a friend who has never been to Moscow comes to me, the first thing to do is find out what he loves. If he likes to draw, then you have to go to the Tretyakov Gallery. If you like to play sports, then to fitness. If you have fun and have fun, then go to kindergarten.


6 years

There is such an exhibition, called "Ball of Robots." There are different funny robots. For example, one of them sings along with you. He can tell a tale. You can speak English with another robot. There are many different robots, it is interesting to watch them. I would take a friend to play football. I also like Victory Park. I skate there, and there are tanks there that you can climb on. There s fun. And my favorite restaurant is John Jolie. He is in different places. They give different khachapuri, barbecue - in general, various yummy. Kebabs and khachapuri I love.


6.5 years

I like the amusement park. Sokolniki. If a friend arrives, I will lead him to my home. I would also show him football. I love dinosaur museums because I love dinosaurs. I love to eat chicken. We go to the Bosphorus. This restaurant is such, they make delicious breakfasts.


9 years

My favorite place in Moscow is the Bauman Garden. I skate there in the winter and play football in the summer. I would advise a friend to go to the Bauman Garden or Sokolniki. I am in school, and next to Bauman Garden I go to the CTJ for chess. In Sokolniki there are many sites, you can ride a bike, roller skate or on a skateboard. I roller-skate or bike. I would advise you to go to the Polytechnic Museum, go to some park, then go to see the Pushkin Museum. My favorite restaurant is a restaurant in the Bauman Park. This is an Italian restaurant. There is pizza, pasta. Everything is Italian.


7 years

I like the shops. I don’t care what, most importantly, what are the shops. I like to buy clothes, all kinds of bracelets, earrings. I like to walk around the university. I like to ride a bike there, on roller skates. There is still such a telescope, where you can see the "Moscow City". And it’s very cool there. I love McDonald's. I advise a friend to visit the Kremlin. Where else to go? In cafes, in shops. I go to Troparevo park. There is a playground where all animals walk. You can walk a cat, a cat. You can bike, you can ride there on roller skates. You can eat cotton candy or something else. I went with my dad to a museum, so ancient, where there are ancient artifacts, but I forgot what it is called. There are all sorts of interesting crosses, which are from the gods, from the Virgin. And there was one comb that was made of turtle bone. She was so unusual. Somehow it was green and beige. Still there were removed from these - the Virgin and her son - the crowns were removed. Well, next to the house there is a cinema, we go there very often. When it is closed, we go to another. You need to watch "Cat Thunder" or "Real Squirrel". Only “Cat Thunder” I have not watched, but I advise you to watch. And I already watched "Real Squirrel", this is a very cool cartoon.


7 years

I go for a walk to Troparevo park. I like to go to restaurants. For example, Alla Pizza. The most delicious is Four Cheese pizza. I went to the Van Gogh Museum. Well, okay. He liked the picture "Three heroes." I also liked this picture a little scary, where are these skulls, a bunch of skulls and a crow. I liked that one. Everything is well written and drawn there. We rarely go to museums, to the movies more often. And we go to theaters throughout the school. The last time we went to the play - I forgot - now I’ll ask Masha. Ah, "Flint." I liked it. And in the movie I liked "Real Squirrel" very much. In Moscow, there is not enough fun for the children. Most of all, so that there are rivers where you can swim, even more playgrounds.


5 years

I love ... always forget ... "Museon". There is such a staircase on which it is fun to make picnics. Such a big staircase. Such a museum of modern art. I really like climbing statues there. And what? I love to climb seals there. I go to the cinema. In 3D. The last time I watched there was the second episode of Rio. Liked. I like the Tretyakov Gallery. I have a vacation at all classes. But you can ride horses, just call and say when you want to ride. In the park. In the theater, I go to Swan Lake. Do you know such a ballet? In the Kremlin Palace. Only there, for some reason, from the Swan Lake, the black swan did not come to bow. Flew away right away. There is a horse in the stable, such a pony. Her name is Asya, and yesterday she gave birth to a child, a boy, Hopika. He is as big as a dog, and I drove him on a leash.


4 years

I like to go to Gorky Park, I walk there. My scooter is bad, it is very dirty. When I had a birthday, they bought me an adult bike. And when they bought me special wheels, I began to drive so fast that I could not be stopped. I went to the theater for a performance about a dragon. Liked. I also went to the museum of steam locomotives. I like it. I have a friend gosh. Friend Zhenya, friend Sasha and niece Masha. I love space. In the planetarium was. There are all sorts of things where there are buttons. Also, when I went to the Startup festival, on the second floor my mother thought that there was also entertainment there. But when we got up there was a museum. Restaurant "Brothers Karavaev" like. I love eclair.

Photo: Ivan Anisimov

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