Fresh Delivery: 5 online grocery delivery retailers

Farm products are becoming increasingly popular in St. Petersburg. LavkaLavka, a Moscow gastro-project, opened its representative office in the city this spring and has already managed to collect the first crop from a public garden that existed as part of the Summer in New Holland program. In addition to the "Shops", in St. Petersburg there are several more stores that deliver products from farms directly to their homes. In addition to food delivery, projects organize excursions to farms and chat with farmers. Life around talked with the owners of five online stores selling farm products, found out what they were selling, what their delivery terms were, and compared prices for popular product categories.


Site: www.greenfarm.spb.ruWhat to sell: dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, bread,honey, jam, pumpkin and sesame oilWhere are they from: Leningrad region (Vyborg, Kirov, Luga, Priozersky,Volosovsky, Ladoga regions), products from Europe

Potatoes- 77 p. per kg
Milk- 80 p. per liter
Hen- 310-365 p. per kg

The idea to do farm products with the owner of the Green Farm website, Maria Hirschberg, appeared about a year ago. After giving birth, Maria, an English teacher and philologist by education, was forced to regularly go for fresh goat's milk. Due to the inconvenience associated with such trips, the idea of ​​a store arose.

Green Farm operates on an open principle: the site has photos and certificates of all households. In addition, in the warm season, you can go on excursions to farms with which the store cooperates or stay there for several days and participate in milk milking. Quality control of products begins with the selection of suppliers according to territorial and logistic principles: on the one hand, most farms are located more than a hundred kilometers from the city - this is an environmental issue, and on the other, Ferma always delivers products on its own. All farms are evaluated visually. They check what they feed the animals, in what conditions they are kept, who cares for them.

If we are talking about dairy products, then the state of equipment for its production is always evaluated. At the selection stage, a mandatory bacteriological check of the product is carried out. In addition, farmers know that samples from the delivered lots are systematically re-examined, and if the Green Farm has any doubts about the quality of the products, the supplier is immediately removed from the category of regular partners. Another point important for cooperation with the store is that the supplier must be able to withstand product quality with a large volume of orders.

Green Farm regularly conducts excursions to farms with which it collaborates.
In addition to products, Green Farm sells environmental cleaning products.


“We had a large series of excursions in the spring, we traveled around five or six of our farms. This fall, trips are not planned because the weather is very unstable. We don’t want to take the children too far in such weather. In the spring we will resume the trip. I think this is a very important point, important from many points of view. On the one hand, it confirms our position that we really carry all these products from farms, and not from the food base. And, more importantly, if you get used to using environmentally friendly products then, unlike about Unallocated industrial production, these products, their presence or absence are related to the circumstances of the life of farmers. The taste is related to the conditions in which these people find themselves. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s something very human, something from the series "Warmth of hands" ".


You can order products in the online store or by phone.



Payment is made at the time of receipt of the order, only in cash.


The minimum recommended order amount is 1,000 rubles. The cost of delivery within St. Petersburg is 150 rubles. When ordering more than 3,000 rubles, delivery is free. Delivery to the Leningrad region is possible.



You can pick up the order yourself at the address: Maly pr. P.S., 87, office 318 until 21:00. The cost of pickup is 50 rubles.

Green FarmTel .: +7 (903) 097-76-63Mon-Sat: 10: 00-21:


Site: www.lavkalavka.ruWhat to sell: dairy products, poultry, meat, vegetables, bread, honeyWhere are they from: Leningrad region (Vyborgsky district, Gatchinsky district, Volosovsky district, Kirovsky district, Priozersky district), Finland (Porvoo region)

Potatoes - 50 p. per kg
Milk- 90 p. per liter
Hen- 450 p. per kg

The St. Petersburg branch of the LavkaLavka project began work in the spring of 2011. Farm gastroproject positions itself as a social network that helps to connect the buyer with the manufacturer. The buyer learns how the product is produced, and the farmer receives feedback from the consumer. This principle in LavkaLavka is called the law of KKK - client quality control. Choosing partners, the "Shop" prefers small family-type farms, the products of which have the appropriate quality certificates or veterinary certificates.

The LavkaLavka assortment contains dairy products from goat and cow milk, including monastery cheese with herbs or spices; bird: chicken, duck, turkey and guinea fowl; meat: beef, rabbit meat, lard; fresh vegetables; bread from the Volkonsky bakery: with garlic and flax, walnuts and hazelnuts, dill; Finnish honey A popular appetizer of hummus made from Turkish peas, sesame seeds, garlic, lemon, paprika and olive oil.

Employees of "Shops" personally pick up products from farms and transport them in thermal bags. They see farmers weekly and monitor the state of the farm. In some cases, the project even invests in seed to provide itself and its customers with a quality product, as happened with Vladimir Nikanorov’s farm in Lodeynoye Pole.

In the near future, the St. Petersburg branch of Lavka plans, as in Moscow, to conduct daily dinners in the department on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya. On Saturdays, culinary master classes for children will be held there. Plans and field events. Buyers will be able to see farmers not only in photographs, but also personally come to the farm, and in some farms even stay for the night.

On September 26, a grocery center on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya opened at Lavka, where you can get an order or take part in a culinary master class.
National economy: 5 farms whose products can be bought in St. Petersburg


Main shopkeeper in St. Petersburg
“Cows on all the farms with which we work live in freedom, feed on hay and grass, they are well looked after. We go to the farms each week and communicate with the owners to make sure that we deliver quality products. We cooperate not only with the farmers, but also with the Volkonsky bakery, we like their bread. It is not stored as long as purchased (the shelf life is only 24 hours), but it is very tasty. Our packaging is not catchy, it is environmentally friendly to the maximum. We are trying get away from plastic, use paper more: it is faster than decomposition "We also plan to develop agritourism so that those buyers who are really interested have the opportunity to go and personally see under what conditions all the products that they purchase from us are produced."


Order products by email.



Payment is due upon receipt of the order.


Delivery within the Ring Road - 300 rubles. The minimum order amount for courier delivery is 1,000 rubles. When ordering more than 4,000 rubles, delivery is free.



The order can be picked up at ul. B. Pushkarskaya, 10 (entrance through the shift of the former Svetoch factory) on Saturday from 13:00 to 22:00.

"LavkaLavka Petersburg"Tel .: +7 (921)


Site: www.spbferma.ruWhat to sell: dairy products, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, fish, bread and pastries, waterWhere are they from: Leningrad region, products from Europe

Potatoes- 68-77 p. per kg
Milk- 77 p. per liter
Hen - 574 p. per pc

Spbferma appeared more than a year ago, after managing partners Elena Lukyanenko and Elena Korolenko visited a house living in a subsistence economy in Karelia and were inspired by the ideas of environmentally friendly products. They cooperate with registered private farms in the Leningrad Region and Karelia, and from there they bring meat, game, fresh fish, vegetables, pastries, as well as organic products from Europe.

The target audience of the project is busy wealthy people who want to eat quality home-made food, so Spbferma is not limited to farm products and also supplies seafood and fish from France, fruits and vegetables from other regions. For basic products (milk, cottage cheese, kefir) prices are kept at a minimum level. Also in the store you can order black Kostroma salt made using rye flour. Products are transported in refrigerators and delivered on the same day.

SPbFerma delivers products not only from the Leningrad Region, but also tropical fruits, French cheeses and Austrian granola


"We work with private farms. The farm should be clean, the animals should be kept in proper conditions. We will definitely find out what feeds the cattle, and we will definitely check this. Because sometimes it is said that the cow eats hay, but when you ask where it is stored , then it turns out that nowhere.
We work with farmers whose farms are registered and undergo veterinary control. It should be people who are passionate about their business - this approach is immediately visible. "


You can order products on the website or by phone.



Payment is due upon receipt of the order.


The minimum order amount is 850 rubles. Delivery within St. Petersburg - 150 rubles. When ordering from 2 300 rubles, delivery is free.



An order for any amount can be picked up at the office, which is located at 63, Nepokorenny Ave., from 16:00 to 18:00.

SpbfermaTel .: 994-12-19,+7 (921)

"FARM +"

Site:www.fermaplus.ruWhat to sell: cheeses and other dairy products, poultry, rabbit meat, porkWhere are they from: Leningrad region (Gatchina district)

Milk- 60 p. per liter
Hen- 280 p. per kg

Farm "Farm +" appeared in 1990 and initially specialized in the manufacture of Caucasian cheeses and other dairy products. In 2003, competitors burned the farm along with all the cattle, but the farm was completely restored: the owners bought new equipment, hired Georgian technologists - a total of 18 people are now working on the farm. So the production of suluguni, Chechila, feta cheese and yogurt yogurt for Caucasian restaurants resumed.

When the daughter of the farm owner Natalia was born, she needed diet meat. So on the farm began to breed chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, geese, quails, rabbits and pigs. All animals are fed only with natural feed. The farm has a veterinarian who checks livestock daily; information on vaccinations carried out by animals can be found on the Internet. In the immediate plans of the farm - raising sheep, increasing the number of cows and organizing excursion and tourist programs. Now, Farm + products can not only be ordered on the Internet, but also purchased independently on the Vladimir and Star markets.

Technologists from Georgia work in the production of Caucasian cheeses in the Farm + farm


"The animals are grown on natural feeds. This is oats mixed with corn, millet and bread. The animals recover due to this much slower, but it’s immediately clear from the taste, smell, appearance that the meat is homemade, natural. Such meat is cooked for not forty minutes, like meat from a store, you need to cook it for about two hours. This can be seen even on the skin: poultry’s skin is always tough. And, of course, we don’t put any chemicals into the carcasses of our chickens, as is often done at large chicken farms to make frozen meat weigh more".


The order is made by phone.



Payment is due upon receipt of the order.


The minimum order amount is 1,000 rubles. Delivery - 200-400 rubles, depending on the area. Delivery is free for orders over 5,000 rubles.


Farms + products can be purchased independently in the Vladimir and Star markets.

"Farm +"Tel .:


Site:Facebook pageWhat to sell: dairy products, beef, poultry, vegetables, fruits and berriesWhere are they from: Leningrad region (Vyborgsky district)

Potatoes- 70 p. per kg
Milk- 80 p. per liter
Hen- 350 p. per pc

The farm of Boris Antsypin is located in the Vyborg region and has existed since the late nineties. Boris used to work as an engineer at the Lomo plant in St. Petersburg. The farm began as a family business, but over time several partners joined them. At the moment, five people are additionally involved in the work on the farm. The farm adheres to the principle of natural cultivation - plants are not treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and animals feed on natural feed. At the farm of Boris Antsypin, fruits, berries and vegetables are grown, pigs, cows, lamb, goats, rabbits, geese, Peking and Ukrainian ducks, chicken are bred, salted cucumbers, adjika, sour cream and lard are cooked. In order not to increase the margin, the farm does not use courier services and delivers the products in its own transport - in the refrigerator on the basis of the Gazelle car.

At the farm of Boris Antsypin, you can order a farm basket, which includes a whole set of village products


“We bring exclusively fresh products to people. For example, if it’s milk, we’ve milked a cow or goat in the early morning. We slaughter the animal on the eve of delivery. In summer, we graze livestock, in winter, cows feed on hay-silage, hay and silage, pigs feed on hay, vegetables and biomass, sheep - hay, vegetables. And for people we also have all the conditions - next year we’ll try to start excursions. "


Farm products can be ordered on Facebook.



Payment is due upon receipt of the order.


The minimum order amount is 500 rubles. Delivery cost within the Ring Road - 150 rubles. For orders exceeding 2 500 rubles, delivery is free.



Farm of Boris AntsypinTel .: +7 (985) 217-85-68Facebook Page
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