Where to buy sunglasses in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The real spring finally arrived in Moscow, which means it's time to update the wardrobe and get a favorite pair of sandals, a light dress and sunglasses from the far shelf. In case the latter were once again lost or had time to get bored, we tell where to buy a worthy couple in Moscow and online.



Gogolevsky Blvd, 3

+7 (495) 231-10-01

Perhaps the main optics in the city, where it is customary to go for glasses for vision and for sun-protection models. The main advantages are a wide price range and the ability to pass an eye test in any of the network's departments. The disadvantages are the same: a frame for a thousand rubles risks falling apart in a couple of months, and more serious brands like the ones presented here Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Ray-Ban can be found in other stores (the same TSUM, where the choice is somewhat wider). So it makes sense to buy here first of all sunglasses, which will need a diopter replacement.


st. Maroseyka, 10/1

+7 (495) 623-22-60

The Lensmaster network, which differs from Ochkarik, boasts an intelligent site. It is convenient to look for the store nearest to the house or, for example, to check the availability of the model of interest. The list of brands is the same: Ray-Ban, Versace, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Polaroid, Solaris and so on. You should not count on something extraordinary, but it’s easy to choose a discreet frame for every day.

Eurooptics at Kutuzovsky

Kutuzovsky pr., 5/3

+7 (499) 243−31−52

One of the most expensive optics in the city, which, however, should not be afraid to go: some frames are presented only here and in a single copy. The main brands in Eurooptics - Alain mikli (from 10 thousand rubles per frame),Lindberg with weightless transparent frames and Orgreen. Here you can buy contact lenses and conduct eye diagnostics. The site search is stupid, so, having consulted with the prices, it makes sense to get to Kutuzovsky.


st. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, 10/9

+7 (499) 372-02-17

The small Spaseebo shop in the Kursk region specializes in sunglasses, but also has an impressive collection of conventional frames. The main brands are JPlus (geometric frames with not the most friendly prices - from 25 thousand rubles per model) and Retrosuperfuture (futurism in its purest form - again from 20 thousand rubles per pair).

Pimp your eyes

Moscow, B. Novodmitrovskaya St., 36/2

+7 (495) 410-24-21

St. Petersburg, st. Kazanskaya d. 20

+7 (812) 940-7325

Pimp Your Eyes has a spacious showroom in the Moscow “Bottle” (and also in St. Petersburg on Kazan Street) and frames (including sun glasses) for every taste - made of wood, vinyl, acetate and grilamide (the last material is super flexible and will appeal to those who are forever afraid to break or crush their favorite pair of glasses). Prices - from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. They promise a one-year guarantee for any pair and offer a 30-day return (if the model has disliked). Lenses can be bought right there (cost - from 500 rubles).

So sunny

Another optics, this time with a specialization more serious. The list of brands includes Céline, Balenciaga, Illesteva, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Le Specs and so on. Prices are surprisingly affordable: 23 thousand rubles for Céline leopard cats, 10 thousand for striped Dsquared, 6 500 rubles for round Le Specs. What rarely happens in optics, sales are regularly held here, and the chance to get the classic Michael Kors models for 7 thousand rubles or the same Balenciaga for 11 thousand increases significantly.

Rebel eyewear

Petersburg, Baskov per., 20

+7 (800) 500-50-43

The Petersburg Optics Salon Rebel Eyewear is a project of collector of vintage optics Igor Litvinov. On the website and in the showroom, male and female frames from the 70s, 80s and 90s are collected. There are designer glasses - for example, Yohji Yamamoto, Italia Independent, L'Wren Scott and Tod's. There are also nameless, but outlandish options - with pink glasses and red arches, an unnaturally curved frame or its complete absence. Prices - from 1,500 rubles to 100 thousand rubles. For example, for a light pair with smoky glasses of the Japanese brand Factory900, 42 500 rubles are asked in the cabin.

At clothing stores


Petrovsky Blvd. 21

+7 (495) 544-57-70

Only five brands are represented in Brandshop on Petrovsky Boulevard, but at least three of them, firstly, deserve attention, and secondly, they are practically not represented anywhere else in the city. Laconic monochrome frames of the Danish brand Han Kjøbenhavn cost a little more than 11 thousand rubles, rounded Stussy models - a little more than 9 thousand rubles, massive Retrosuperfuture - from 10 thousand rubles. The choice in the store and on the site is the same, but behind the glasses it’s better to get to Petrovsky Boulevard: guessing with a frame without fitting will not be easy.


Moscow, st. Petrovka, 2

+7 (495) 933-73-00

Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 21/23

+7 (812) 648-08-48

In optics, on the ground floor of the department store, both expensive and very expensive brands are collected (thin Linda Farrow rim - 70 thousand rubles, elegant geometry by Matthew Williamson - 23 thousand rubles), as well as a confident middle-market. Classic Ray-Ban models here sell for 7-8 thousand rubles, timeless classics Dolce & Gabbana - for 9 thousand rubles, hooligan Marc Jacobs with colored temples - for 10 thousand rubles. Corner with frames is really impressive - in total there are more than 500 options for frames, most of which, fortunately, can be first seen from all sides on the site so as not to get lost in all the variety on the spot.


Povarskaya St., 35/28

+7 (495) 768-72-72

Leform stores have a predictable set of luxury and middle brands (for example, Linda Farrow and Mykita), but there are interesting exceptions. For example, massive Acne Studios models in pastel colors (37 thousand rubles) or thin frames with Kyme colored glasses (slightly cheaper than Acne Studios, from 17 thousand rubles). Despite not the most impressive choice, it’s worth going here for at least one reason: Leform is one of the few that declare the sale not only for clothes and shoes, but also for optics.

Mass market

You should go to the mass market only if you are sure that a brand new pair of sunglasses will not last long and will be lost after the first summer vacation. Unlike serious brands, the optics of the mass market cannot guarantee either durability or normal protective filters.

Interchanging each other H&M and Monki from season to season offer a safe classic like rounded and square frames, Zara tries to take in quantity - here are aviators who are tired and round frames from the 70s, cats for fans of Audrey Hepburn, and futuristic models with sharp corners. For the main hits of the season, as before, you need to go to Topshop. In the new season, the brand focuses on complex two-tone frames and glasses with animal print.



pl. Kievsky station, 2

+7 (495) 921-34-44


Manezhnaya sq., 1

+7 (495) 737-84-49


Leningradskoye sh., 16a / 4

+7 (495) 660-88-88


st. Zemlyanoy Val, 33

+7 (495) 970-15-55


Watch the video: Cheap Sunglasses The 69 Eyes - Live @ RED, Moscow (December 2019).

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