At the last moment: How much are three days at a summer festival in Europe

The summer season is in full swing. One of the possible options for holding it is music festivals where you can go for the weekend. After examining the open data and interviewing tourists, we tell how much the trip to one of the most popular festivals in Europe will cost.

When counting, we assumed that the tourist was going to spend three days at the festival, and fly home on the fourth. The exception is the Lollapalooza Berlin festival, which takes only two days. Transportation costs include a bus or train ride from the airport and back, as well as two metro rides each day. A tourist has a room for one for three nights in a hostel or cheap hotel. Breakfast is included in the room rate, a tourist dines in the city, and at the festival he buys inexpensive street food and a bottle of beer. In the case of the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands, transportation costs include only a train ride to the city of Lelystad, and accommodation costs include renting a double tent for three nights in a campsite. As a souvenir, the vacationer buys a merch - a T-shirt with the symbols of the festival or your favorite group. The final result is approximate. All prices are quoted in rubles.




Rock en seine

Lollapalooza berlin


AUGUST 10-17

Helsinki, Finland

AUGUST 14-16

Biddinghuisen, Netherlands

AUGUST 21-23


AUGUST 28-30



Airplane tickets

10 950

11 600

16 780

14 640

 10 465

Festival tickets

10 400

9 500

12 300

 7 500

 7 500


 4 690

12 360

4 700

13 030

7 500


Average bill for three dinners in a cafe


2 835

1 700

2 835

1 260

Food at the festival






chicken noodles







1 200






1 450


1 440

1 185



1 500

1 000

1 200

1 000


 29 365

41 765

38 480

42 670

30 560

Watch the video: Top 10 Music Festivals Around the World Worth Traveling To (December 2019).

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