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Daria Malysheva

Pizza is still one of the most popular dishes in Moscow restaurants - only burgers or noodles can compete with it. At the same time, finding the perfect pizza is not so easy: in some establishments the dough is too thick and dense, in others they serve basic unforgettable combinations on dry cake, in the third there is no home delivery. But where is the best pizza in Moscow? And where to go if you want to try the perfect Margarita or an unusual signature dish?

To find out, within two days, the editors of Life around tried 15 pizzas from Moscow restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. In addition to taste, we evaluated the work of our own pizzeria delivery services, as well as the recently launched Red Frog service, which promises to deliver a dish from any cafe and restaurant.

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Not only Margarita:Everything you need to know about pizza

Restaurants with their own delivery services


Address:Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya St., 20

phone: +7 (495) 234-34-87


Montalto is one of the Moscow projects of Isaac Correa, which opened on the Garden Ring in 2011. The restaurant is named after Correa's childhood friend Lenny Montalto, a New York subway worker. There are 18 types of pizza on the menu, both Italian on thin crust and Brooklyn on thick, all of which are cooked over an open fire in a wood-fired oven. The main difference between local pizza is its deliberately uneven shape, small size and unbanal composition.

Delivery: regular - throughout Moscow, and express delivery - within the Presnensky district. Delivery cost - 250 rubles. Waiting time - less than an hour (when ordering within the Presnensky district).

"Sicilian" Margarita "" - 460 rubles

Editorial Review: 4,3/5

Yuri Bolotov: "Very tender pizza and a pleasant aroma of basil. I live next to Montalto, but I don’t go there - now I will."

Nastya Andreeva: “Nice“ Margarita. ”Thank you very much for the basil. But the dough is not up to five.”

New Montalto - 650 rubles

(with cheese, pepperoni, bell pepper and meat "freaks")

Editorial Review: 4/5

Nastya Kurgan: "Very juicy and good."

Kristina Safonova: "Hard burnt crust. The filling is strange - I do not like jalapenos. In general, not very."

Sergey Babkin: "This is a rare case when pizza is piquant just to the extent that it is needed."

Zotman pizza pie

Address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 23/14/9

phone: +7 (499) 426-26-03


Last autumn, Zotman Pizza Pie was opened by chef Dmitry Zotov with his partner in the Haggis pub and sommelier Sergey Krylov. Zotov himself says that the creation of "Zotman" was inspired by the American pizza restaurant Mozza. They cook here deliberately jagged pizza with interesting fillings and large swollen edges. The second Zotman pizzeria opened in the fall of 2015 on Marshal Tukhachevsky Street, and the third in Khimki, just a couple of days ago.

Delivery: within the TTK. The cost is 250 rubles. Waiting time - less than an hour (when ordering within the Presnensky district).

Margarita Buffalo - 460 rubles

Editorial Review: 4,5/5

Natasha Shavkunova: "The simplest and most correct Margarita."

Yuri Bolotov: "Good pizza, nice dough. But the filling is simple; I often order Zotman, but usually take something else."

"Artichokes, anchovies and sun-dried tomatoes" - 670 rubles

Editorial Review:4,8/5

Tanya Reshetnik: "I liked the combination of anchovies and sun-dried tomatoes - the taste is not banal, but not too strange, even conservatives will like it in matters of food."

Nastya Andreeva: "For the first time I try pizza with fish, and it suddenly turned out to be very tasty. Everything is as it should, and the dough is excellent."

Nastya Kurgan: Delicious.

Osteria "At Giuseppe"

Address: Samotyotchnaya St., 13

phone: +7 (495) 681-13-26


Osteria "At Giuseppe" - a small home-made pizzeria hidden on Samotyochnaya street. The menu contains more than 20 types of pizza, soups, pasta and focaccia - in short, everything that is customary to expect from an Italian restaurant in the center of Moscow.

Delivery: works within the MKAD and costs from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the distance. Waiting time - a little over an hour (when ordering within the Presnensky district).

Margherita - 340 rubles

Editorial Review: 2,5/5

Nastya Andreeva: "Very boring pizza with very dry edges. There is nothing more to say about it."

Kristina Safonova: "Delicious thin dough, but only it is felt, because the fillings are very small and it has a completely inexpressive taste."

Pizza with black truffle, porcini mushrooms and salchichce - 690 rubles

Editorial Review:3,1/5

Julia Yeltsova: "Oh, there is cheese! And it smells like mushrooms, but it's rather a minus. I really didn't like the truffle flavor."

Natasha Shavkunova: "Of course, there is almost no black truffle here."

Yuri Bolotov: "I like to test city myths. Many have advised Giuseppe as the best inexpensive Italian restaurant in Moscow, but pizza is a failure here."

Restaurants where there is no own delivery service

To order pizza from restaurants in the office that do not have our own delivery service, we decided to use the recently launched Red Frog service. There is no minimum order value in it. Couriers who ask to be called redfrogers are scattered throughout Moscow, and, according to the promise of service representatives, this allows you to deliver food within a maximum of 30 minutes. Orders can be made by writing to WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber on the phone +7 (926) 714-92-48 or by sending a message on the project page on Facebook.

In practice, everything turned out to be somewhat more complicated. Already during the correspondence on Facebook, it turned out that there were no free couriers for delivery from four different places, so the editors had to moderate their appetite. The courier, taking the pizza from Babetta Cafe, did not cope with the task at all: instead of the two named pizzas - Margarita and Babetta - he brought only the last, and even that cold one. Over time, delivery also encountered problems: the first courier met the promised one and a half hours, the second went to the editorial office for more than two hours. Of the obvious advantages - only the ability to order from absolutely any institution within the TTK and relatively simple communication.


Address:Yartsevskaya St., 19

PHONE: +7 (495) 970-96-66


Opened in the summer of 2015, Studio pizzeria is located on the ground floor of the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center. The owner of the restaurant is the founder of Friends Forever Company (restaurants Friends Forever, Breakfast Café, I Love Cake, Conversation, Brownie Cafe) and the founder of Local Band Pavel Kosterenko. The chef is Sergey Kolodeznev. The menu has 17 types of pizza, which are cooked on an open fire.

Greek weekend - 590 rubles

(with potato chips, arugula, feta cheese and parma)

Editorial Review:3,5/5

Nastya Kurgan: "The dough is dry and stiff, but the filling is not bad. In general, without enthusiasm."

Julia Yeltsova: "A very cool idea is chips in pizza. I liked all the ingredients, I wouldn’t clean anything. I want more, but they’ve already eaten everything."

Yuri Bolotov: "A nice place in Kuntsevo, but the best pizza there is vegetarian, with herbs, avocado cream and potatoes. And this one, with chips, is very strange."

Lena Mikhailovina: "Studio is my favorite pizzeria. But this pizza was a little disappointing: the dough was a little harsh and I didn’t like the slightly buttery taste. Much better here is pizza with roast beef, pine nuts and arugula."

Babetta cafe

Address:Myasnitskaya St., 15

phone: +7 (964) 643-87-02


Babetta is a popular cafe on Myasnitskaya Street, which was opened a year ago by Dmitry Sergeev, co-owner and founder of the Ginza Project. Inside, Babetta is a mixture of several ideas under one roof. At the entrance there is a separate ticket office, refrigerators with takeaway ready-made food and a counter with vegetables and fruits. In the depths of space - a parody of restaurants like Fresh with their conditionally useful mixtures of juices with each other, with yoghurts and milk. The next, last, part is a spacious hall where an Italian pizzeria with a real oven and a cafe with Russian, understandable to most citizens, and cuisine - borscht, ravioli and vinaigrette coexist. A menu is brought here, and here they will also offer to sit down for those who ordered anything at the salad bar. Other details are in our last year's review of the place.

Pizza Babetta - 449 rubles

(with bell pepper, salami, ham and minced meat)

Editorial Review: 2,8/5

Katya Firsova: "I cook better at home. Rubber dough, the crust does not crunch at all. Well, pizza with minced meat is very strange."

Tanya Reshetnik: "This pizza is most similar to what is served under the guise of pizza in college and school canteens or inexpensive buffets. In general, you expect more from branded pizza establishments."

Yuri Bolotov: "Having eaten a slice of pizza, you understand that the main reason for the popularity of Babetta is in the very place, democracy, beer for 99 rubles - but not in food. Not really."

Pinzeria by bontempi

Address: Bolshoy Znamensky per., 2/3

phone: +7 (499) 678-30-09


The name of the place is the name of the Italian chef Valentino Bontempi, who is also the chef of the Bontempi restaurant. The main dish is pizza, which in Pinzeria by Bontempi itself is called "tweezers": the dough is prepared from a mixture of three types of flour (wheat, soy and rice) and aged for 72 hours before baking. Prepare 20 types of tweezers: from the classic "Margarita" to sophisticated options with shrimp and squid or speck and truffle. In addition to them, the menu includes focaccia, salads and snacks.

Margarita - 420 rubles

Editorial Review:4,5/5

Katya Firsova: "A bit sweet, probably because of the tomatoes. But everything is balanced. That's a plus."

Natasha Shavkunova: "Very cool! Thin Italian pizza, perfect."

Valtellina - 760 rubles

Editorial Review: 3,8/5

Konstantin Mitrokhov: "It looks tastier than it actually was. The meat is not bad, the taste of tomatoes is also present. And the dough is completely inexpressive."

Nikita Treptsov: "The best choice for meat lovers. Balanced taste, but slightly dry crust."

Alexey Ametov: "Nice stuffing just laid on pita bread."

Cheese Factory

Address: nab. Tarasa Shevchenko, 12

phone: +7 (495) 803-24-01


The new restaurant of Arkady Novikov on Taras Shevchenko embankment is exactly opposite the White House. The chef Vogue Cafe Yuri Rozhkov is responsible for the menu at the Cheese Factory. A distinctive feature of the place is the cheese factory itself: the main restaurateur in Moscow launched its workshop at the Badayevsky plant for the production of mozzarella, burrata and other young cheeses. Here in the wood-fired oven they make pizza with their own cheeses - Margarita, Four Cheeses and Pepperoni.

Margarita - 400 rubles

Editorial Review: 4,2/5

Nastya Andreeva: "I would rather say that this is cheese pizza, not Margarita: there is little sauce and a lot of cheese. But this is a damn delicious cheese pizza. Both the dough and the cheese itself are a delight!"

Julia Yeltsova: "The cheese is cool, but you can die, it seems, if you eat it all. Cheese coma."

Pepperoni - 550 rubles

Editorial Review: 4/5

Anya Chesova: "Soft puffy pizza, quite satisfying, but, for my taste, a little dry. Therefore, I put the four."

Tanya Reshetnik: "Good juicy pizza, but too fat in itself, and even in combination with pepperoni - a double blow."


Address: st. Big Yakimanka, 22

phone: +7 (495) 995-21-78


The Mushrooms restaurant, which opened in January 2016 in the Gimeney shopping center, is owned by White Rabbit Family, a restaurant holding of Boris Zarkov. Ilya Zakharov is responsible for the kitchen, who was helped by brand chef Vladimir Mukhin in the preparation of the menu. The main delicacy in the restaurant is truffle, it is sold at cost and offered to be added to any dish.

Pizza with truffle sausage and buffalo mozzarella - 590 rubles

Editorial Review: 4,8/5

Tanya Reshetnik: "One of the best pizzas I had to try during the experiment. Truffle is clearly felt, but does not interrupt the taste of mozzarella."

Natasha Shavkunova: "So far, this is the best pizza for the whole experiment. The best dough, the best filling."

"Kuznetsk Bridge 20"

Address: st. Kuznetsky Most, 20

phone: +7 (495) 623-78-88


In the cafe "KM 20", operating at the eponymous clothing store, they offer healthy vegetarian food, which varies depending on the season. The kitchen is led by Andy Thon, a chef from English Manchester. In addition to vegan snacks and desserts, the institution has pizza, which is prepared from whole grain flour without yeast and cheese without rennet.

Pizza on black dough - 700 rubles

(with baked vegetables and mustard-honey sauce) 

Editorial Review: 3,8/5

Nastya Andreeva: "A very strange pizza, but I liked it, although I don’t like mustard. Suddenly a good flavor combination. And black dough is like a bonus."

Sergey Babkin: "It's weird. Rather, some fancy salad, not pizza."

Tanya Reshetnik: "The appearance of the pizza is impressive. It tastes unusual: that is, nothing from standard pizza with viscous cheese is not here, but there are a lot of vegetables. And, it seems, this is the only place in the city where you can find vegan pizza."


The voting did not reveal the absolute leader: no pizza received a unanimous five. The first place was shared by pizza with artichokes, anchovies and sun-dried tomatoes from Zotman Pizza Pie and pizza with truffle sausage and buffalo mozzarella from the restaurant Mushrooms. Second place was shared by Margarita Buffalo from Zotman Pizza Pie and Margarita from Pinzeria by Bontempi. The third place was taken by both pizzas from the Cheese Factory. Outsider was pizza with minced meat from Babetta Cafe and the absolutely unforgettable “Margherita” from the osteria “At Giuseppe” - the editorial general assessment in both cases did not reach three points.

And a dozen places where you can order pizza at home:









"IL Patio"


Mi piace


Pizza hut




"Dodo Pizza"




"Papa Johns"




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