Bob culture: 7 places where Falafel is served in St. Petersburg

Falafel is a traditional Arabic dish, balls of chopped chickpea peas, deep fried. In Arab countries, it is usually eaten for breakfast with hummus or tahini sauce. And in Europe, falafel is a popular type of street food, akin to a hot dog or hamburger, which can be found in almost any kebab. Often it is included in the menu of vegetarian cafes: both in protein content and in consistency, it can well replace meat. Life around found 7 places in St. Petersburg where you can try this national dish in different variations.

Sandwich "Falafel"

90 rubles per 200 grams

Cafe-bistro "Palmyra"

Moskovsky pr., 191 A

Mon-Sun: 08: 00-04: 00



"In addition to pea balls, I add cabbage, cucumber and tomato salad, carrots and sauce to the tortilla. I myself love falafel, but it is rarely ordered from us. Usually they choose shawarma."

Falafel with hummus

190 rubles per 200 grams

Cafe "Horace"

Pl. Labor, 4 (in the passage under the Labor square)

Mon-Fri: 06: 00-01: 00

Tel .: 922-53-03


regular customer

“Almost no staff here speak Russian, so it’s not surprising that they don’t tell you anything. Falafel appeared here not so long ago, but they take it often, usually younger people. They’ll probably eat on the way to New Holland. I only tried once: it looks like grandma’s cutlets. "

Sandwich with Falafel

170 rubles for 250 grams

Cafe-bar "First, second and compote"

St. Zhukovsky, d.10

Mon-Sun: from 12.00 until the last visitor

Tel .: 719-65-42

Evgenia Koshkina

cafe bar manager

“This sandwich is ordered very often. I can say that this is one of the most popular dishes in our institution. Many people come to us after the recommendation of friends who recommended it. Everyone really likes the sandwich.

In addition to falafel, pita, lettuce, tomatoes and hummus are also made from Turkish peas. "

Sandwich "Falafel"

350 rubles for 340 grams

Restaurant "Botany"

St. Pestel, 7

Mon-Fri: 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Tel .: +7 (812) 272-70-91

Marina Albi

restaurant director

"We are preparing a rather fusion version of this dish, we are a bit away from the traditional recipe. Falafel wrapped in Armenian pita bread is always at hand. I’ll reveal the secret ingredient: we add a little apple to the sandwich. Three sauces are served to the dish - traditional hummus, tahini and tomato. "

Falafel burger

240 rubles per 200 grams

Cafe-bar "Society of clean plates"

Gorokhovaya, 13
Sun-Thu: 11 a.m. - 2 a.m.
Fri-Sat: 12: 00-06: 00
Tel .: 934-97-64


co-owner of the cafe bar:

“Falafel is the coolest thing a vegetarian can eat. It’s a very nutritious thing and something like meat. That's why we decided that the only way to make a burger for vegetarians is to make it with falafel.

A burger in the "Clean Plate Society" violates several rules at once. First, the falafel in it is not balls, but in the form of cutlets. Secondly, without hummus. But there is cheese, salsa, fresh cucumbers, baked paprika. The guys and I in the kitchen worked on the recipe for several weeks. We put all the traditional ingredients there: chickpeas, bulgur, a little flour, onions, garlic. But the main feature of our falafel is a huge amount of fresh herbs in minced meat. Add mint, tarragon, a lot of cilantro, parsley. By the way, in October, Falafel will also appear in Mishka. He will be in a drink, with hummus, but still in the form of cutlets. We believe in cutlets. "

Salad with Falafel and Hummus

150 rubles for 250 grams

Fresh point

Nevsky pr., 126/2

Mon-Fri: 08: 30-21: 00
Mon-Fri: 09: 30-21: 00
Tel .: 971-15-55


Executive Director:

"Salad with falafel has been on our menu from the very opening of the cafe. We focus on different categories of visitors, including vegetarians. Therefore, the menu has a large selection of vegetarian dishes. One of the most popular is this salad."


60 rubles per 100 grams

Kosher Restaurant Golden Cafe

Lermontovsky pr., 27

Mon-Thu .: 12: 00-00: 00

Fri .: 10: 00-19: 00

Tel .: 714-45-91


Director of the Golden Cafe Kosher Restaurant

"Unfortunately, we only prepare falafel to order - we have a fairly closed kosher establishment, and not everyone likes it. You can order one day and come to eat a meal in a cafe, or choose the option of delivery to your home or office. But the minimum amount order for delivery is 300 rubles. "

Photographer: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

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