Summer project "Rowing Club"

Summer rowing club-bar "Rowing Club" next to the circle of academic rowing "Banner" was opened by Mikhail Kozichev, the owner of the semi-underground club-gallery "Silence" and the coordinator of several independent music projects. The site already worked last year in test mode, and on June 10 it restarted in the final format - with a complete interior, an elaborate music program and a new menu.

During the day, the roomy Rowing Club works like a cafe, and in the evening it turns into a venue for concerts, parties and dances. Mostly electronic musicians will perform, and they are going to focus on live, and not on DJ sets. In addition to the night program, they plan a lot of daytime events - not only musical, but also sports. Already on the territory there is a volleyball net, table tennis and a set for badminton. All sports equipment is given out for free, and soon they will put a shower stall for active vacationers.

Chef Mamikon Agadzhanov included about a dozen fish positions, several salads and grilled dishes, which are cooked outdoors near the bar, in a small menu. The alcohol list contains several beers, classic cocktails and strong alcohol.

The owners came up with the interior together with Vadim Che, who designed the Sunday, Limoncello and Regatta restaurants. This year they completed everything that they did not have time in the past. In the middle they built a wooden flooring, arranged a lawn and a soft sand platform. The roof was covered with a white cloth resembling sails. Placed on the site simple furniture: wooden benches, wicker chairs, sun loungers and a table for large companies.

Mikhail Kozichev

Rowing Club Owner
“We have behind the fence the oldest rowing club in Russia - the Banner. Among its pupils there are several Olympic champions. I even recently came across Blok’s poems where he writes how he met a girl in a restaurant right on this spot. Soon we’ll have a sailing boat that we will bring from Arkhangelsk - we’ll ride visitors. We’ll also put watering for lawns and turn on during parties. We will leave the entrance to most events, including foreign deliveries. Only some concerts, n for example, On-The-Go will be paid on June 29. This year we are going to work until the end of September. But in general, I still have not abandoned the idea of ​​making a skating rink here in winter so that people skate on ice under a disco house and drink mulled wine. "

Salmon tartare - 350 rublesSalmon tartare - 350 rublesDorado baked with ginger in sour cream - 500 rublesDorado baked with ginger in sour cream - 500 rublesChampignon cream soup - 250 rublesLeffe beer - 250 rubles per half literMojito - 350 rublesHomemade lemonade - 450 rubles

Excerpts from the menu:

  • Champignon cream soup - 250 rubles.
  • Dorado baked with ginger in sour cream - 500 rubles.
  • Cod with vegetables in hollandaise sauce - 420 rubles.
  • Chicken Kiev with mushroom sauce - 350 rubles.
  • Pork medallions with cherry salsa - 350 rubles.
  • Arugula with tiger prawns - 350 rubles.
  • Salad with roast beef - 300 rubles.
  • A salad of three types of tomatoes with di buffalo cheese - 260 rubles.
  • Assorted grilled sausages - 500 rubles.
  • Pork BBQ - 400 rubles.
  • Homemade pasta (carbonara / sicilian / caprese) - 280 rubles.
  • Salmon tartare - 350 rubles.
  • Tiramisu - 200 rubles.
  • Cheesecake "New York" - 210 rubles.
  • Ice cream - 280 rubles for 3 balls.
  • Tea in the teapot - 150 rubles.
  • Coffee (Americano / Espresso) - 100 rubles.
  • Homemade soft drinks (ginger / basil) - 450 rubles.
  • Leffe beer - 250 rubles per half liter.
  • Beer Bud - 160 rubles per half liter.
  • Whiskey-cola - 250 rubles.
  • Rum Cola - 250 rubles.
  • Smirnoff vodka - 100 rubles.
  • Jameson whiskey - 200 rubles.
  • Cognac "Ararat" - 150 rubles.
  • Wine by the glass - 160-180 rubles.
  • Martini Asti - 180 rubles.
  • Mojito - 350 rubles.
  • "Pina Colada" - 300 rubles.
  • Daiquiri - 250 rubles.
  • "B-52" - 250 rubles.

Cafe-bar "Rowing Club"Vyazovaya St., 4Mon-Thu, Sun: from 12:00 until the last visitor, Fri-Sat: 12: 00-06: 00
Photo: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: The Underdog Project - Summer Jam Official Video HD (December 2019).

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