New location: PMI bar

The PMI bar occupies three floors in a historic building on the Moika owned by the media holding of the same name. Its ideologist and owner, Evgeni Finkelstein, also runs five radio stations (including Maximum, Love Radio, and Russian Radio), a promotional company, and a ticket service He thought about his own gastronomic project for a long time, and began working on it almost a year ago.

It was necessary to rebuild the premises from scratch, a rather large area is the atrium, which was previously empty. The young Petersburg architect Alexandra Buruyan was engaged in the interior, and the young and rather titled cook Ivan Berezutsky, who previously worked at Grand Cru and the Flying Dutchman restaurant complex, became the boss. The bar chart was prepared by the mixologist Sam K, who is known for working with "812", "House of Life", "Mama Any" and Yuzu.


In the coming days, the PMI bar will open its own enoteca on the ground floor. About 100 kinds of wines were collected here, mainly light, fresh wines and quite recognizable ones. The pricing policy is flexible: a bottle can cost a thousand rubles and a hundred thousand. They are also going to sell glasses, corkscrews, specialized accessories, as well as literature on wine.

Julia Khaibullina


The wine list is a reflection and the image of the institution, it is important that it serves the cuisine and gastronomy, while responding to requests from visitors and management. Since we focus on different groups of guests, the wines we have can be both inexpensive (by the glass from 300 rubles), and a higher level, including some rarities. We decided to choose wines quite light. Therefore, the emphasis is on Europe - this is Italy, France, Austria and Germany. The wines of the New World will be presented to a lesser extent: these are, as a rule, heavy stories. But lovers of this wine will surely find samples from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and America.

I wanted to make wine a more affordable product, it was a very ambitious task. It is always more difficult to find a good inexpensive wine than a quality and expensive wine.

Champain Lounge Bar

A long corridor on the ground floor with massive furniture, soft chairs, dim lights and lots of mirrors - this is a local bar. The card contains mainly champagne and sparkling wine - almost a hundred items that will be regularly updated. Many are poured into glasses. Drinks include snacks, including oysters, and finger food.

The cocktail card, which is valid on all floors of the institution, includes three sections: aperitifs, digestives and herbal drinks. So far, each has four to five positions.

Sam K


The concept of the cocktail card was based on copyright twists for classic cocktails, such as Old Fashion with bourbon or Gimlet with gin. For example, Gimlet will be made with a decoction of sagan dail - an oriental plant that some athletes even use as permitted doping, it gives strength and strengthens the immune system. There will also be intricate cocktails for serving, the final touches of some drinks we will carry out directly in front of the guests. I would also like cocktails that just mix to be made at guests.

While we start with 16 items in the main menu. Naturally, we will also prepare popular cocktails such as "Mojito" or "Daiquiri" if our copyright developments are not suitable for guests, but we will not indicate them on the menu. In the future I would like to expand the number of categories, for example, add smoked cocktails - cocktails fumigated with the smoke of sawdust. For my taste it is generally amazing, and in the city it is almost impossible to try. Of course, the map will change, but we will introduce new products gradually so as not to lose in quality. "

Japan Whiskey Sour - 680 rublesJapan Whiskey Sour - 680 rublesJife Smash - 370 rublesSalvador - 350 rubles

Excerptsfrom a cocktail card

390 rubles

Experiment No. 1
320 rubles

"Alena after yesterday"
390 rubles

Gin & ginnie
330 rubles

Jife Smash
370 rubles

Tea cloud
360 rubles

A restaurant

The restaurant area occupies two floors at once - the second and third. Combines their full-wall shelving with books and glasses and a small glass roof in the middle. The menu fit on one sheet, including several hot dishes, appetizers, salads and soups, as well as the section "Pasta and risotto". All recipes are copyrighted, including a line of outstanding desserts that Ivan Berezutsky developed with confectioner Julia Artamonova. By the way, right in the restaurant he has a small garden where spicy herbs grow.

Menus will change depending on the season and suppliers, the first innovations promise two weeks after the opening. The first special offer will be a set of 6 dishes, each of which follows the taste of the wine served with it to taste.

Ivan Berezutsky


We specifically made the menu small: we don’t want to cook from frozen foods. We do not have a freezer, not because we cannot buy it, but because for us this is a matter of principle. I love working with Russian products and try to use them to the maximum, but I will not limit myself to them. If I have an interesting product, the same octopus, for example, then why can't I make it in my restaurant? That is why the menu will be constantly changing: the following will be more conceptual. The backbone will remain - the guests themselves will form it. But this does not mean that, for example, beef tenderloin, which is sold better than a rabbit, will stay here forever. The most important thing is that we don’t want ordinary food. There is not a single dish that could be found in another restaurant in the city, for example, we decided to make dessert not from frozen raspberries, as it usually happens, but from traditional Russian berries - cloudberries, sea buckthorn and cranberries. We are very creative about food and try to make this place truly iconic for the city.

Chicken liver and greens pate with apple and nuts - 250 rublesChicken liver and greens pate with apple and nuts - 250 rublesKamchatka crab salad, apple, radish and light lemon sauce - 720 rublesKamchatka crab salad with apple, radish and light lemon sauce - 720 rublesWalnut evolution - 260 rublesWalnut evolution - 260 rublesDuck with mashed chestnuts and mushroom Tiramisu - 990 rublesDuck with mashed chestnuts and mushroom Tiramisu - 990 rubles

Excerpts from the menu

Pickled tuna carpaccio with spring vegetables, cloudberry oil
and jelly "Bloody Mary"
650 rubles

Chicken liver and greens pate with apple
and nuts
250 rubles

Salad with warm goat cheese, turnips,
beetroot and fruit jelly
330 rubles

Salad with lamb, eggplant puree,
tomatoes and green beans
470 rubles

Scallops with mushrooms, asparagus slices
and parmesan dressing
580 rubles

Quail Risotto Quinoa
asparagus and morels
470 rubles

Guinea fowl and ice cream tomato soup
from mozzarella
390 rubles

Veal cheek potato cappuccino soup
and dried tomatoes
420 rubles

Shrimp and zucchini papardelles in sauce
green curry
560 rubles

Lasagna with lamb stew and mint
510 rubles

Sea Wolf with minestrone
and the aroma of smoked tea
850 rubles

Salmon with light mashed greens,
crust of olives and a side dish of vegetables
680 rubles

Duck with mashed chestnuts and mushroom Tiramisu
990 rubles

Rabbit with beetroot puree and vegetable stew
680 rubles

Beef tenderloin with potatoes,
mushrooms and cone jam
1250 rubles

Berry cloudberry and blueberry dessert,
sea ​​buckthorn, cranberries
420 rubles

Crispy air-filled rolls
ricotta and warm pumpkin and apple soup
220 rubles

PMI bar

Nab. Sinks, 7

Tel .: 8 (812) 907-07-10

Opening hours: from 12:00 until the last guest

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